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Rada Silver Handle Single Knives
All Rada single knives with silver handles
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Rada 10 Inch Bread KnifeRada 10 Inch Bread KnifeBread slicer with serrated edge
Rada Bagel KnifeRada Bagel KnifeSilver handles bagel knife
Rada Black Handle Super SpreaderRada Black Handle Super SpreaderFor spreading mayonnaise, cutting sandwiches or cake
Rada Carver/Boner KnifeRada Carver/Boner KnifeKnife designed to flex when cutting around bone
Rada Cheese KnifeRada Cheese KnifeCuts both hard and soft cheeses
Rada Chef's DicerRada Chef's DicerChops meats and vegetables. Cuts through small poultry bones.
Rada Cook's KnifeRada Cook's KnifeMincing and dicing knife
Rada Cook's UtilityRada Cook's UtilityUtility knife easy to control and used in many cutting tasks, similar to a paring knife
Rada French Chef's KnifeRada French Chef's KnifeLarge cutting surface great for mincing and dicing
Rada Granny Paring KnifeRada Granny Paring KnifeRada Granny Paring knife excellent for cutting the skin off of round fruit like apples etc.
Rada Grapefruit KnifeRada Grapefruit KnifeCcut around grapefruit sections easily
Rada Ham SlicerRada Ham SlicerLong blade for slicing ham, meats and watermelon
Rada Heavy Duty Paring KnifeRada Heavy Duty Paring Knifeheavy duty paring knife with longer handle
Rada Knife SharpenerRada Knife SharpenerSharpen your knife blade with a few pulls of the knife between the wheels. Fast and easy
Rada Old Fashioned Butcher KnifeRada Old Fashioned Butcher KnifeHefty knife for bigger cutting jobs
Rada Party SpreaderRada Party SpreaderGreat for serving cracker spreads, dips or cheeseballs
Rada Peeling Paring KnifeRada Peeling Paring KnifeThe Rada Peel and Pare Knife is used for garnishes and peel and pare fruits #1 Seller
Rada Regular Paring KnifeRada Regular Paring KnifeRada's Regular Paring Knife is their #1 favorite as an all-around paring knife.
Rada Serrated Regular Paring KnifeRada Serrated Regular Paring KnifeSuper fine serration blade for cut, slice and peel
Rada Serrated SlicerRada Serrated SlicerLarger knife for larger cutting jobs
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